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Starting an interior design project with us is about more than changing a space—it’s about enhancing your life. Our approach kicks off with a deep understanding of you and your vision, leading to the transformation of your living environment. Throughout this journey, we encourage you to work closely with us, from developing the initial design concepts to perfecting the details, and overseeing the project’s completion.


This process is crafted to be both enlightening and enjoyable, ensuring that you end up with a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. Along the way, you’ll discover new ideas, learn about innovative design solutions, and experience the joy of seeing your vision come to life. 

Our Process

Our Process


Discovering Your Story

Every great design starts with a story—yours. This initial phase is all about us actively listening, learning about your preferences, lifestyle, and what you envision for your space.

We take the time to understand how you connect with your existing space—what you love about it, and what you wish could be different.  We survey existing conditions and align design objectives with your spatial requirements. This understanding helps us ensure that our design enhances your way of life, setting a solid foundation for everything that follows.


Crafting the Vision

We now transform insights and aspirations into concrete design concepts. This stage is a dynamic collaboration, where your feedback and our design expertise converge to hone and refine our ideas.

Here, we prepare the initial design concept and carefully review it with you, ensuring alignment with your vision. We delve into layouts, materials, and aesthetics, meticulously chosen to echo your narrative, making every decision a stride closer to bringing your envisioned space to life.


Design and Materials

This phase transforms design into reality, focusing on precise preparations. I create drawings, including elevations, and specify all necessary fixtures, equipment, and materials to ensure readiness for execution.


To enhance your engagement, I accompany you on exclusive shopping trips to handpick materials, providing firsthand access to private showrooms. This experience allows you to directly influence the material selection, ensuring your choices are unique and fully aligned with your vision.


Blueprint Realization and Contractor Collaboration

The focus sharpens on finalizing the project's scope, meticulously preparing all necessary documents for construction, and transitioning plans from paper to practice. This critical step ensures that every detail of the design is captured accurately, facilitating a smooth construction process.


Additionally, I assist clients in navigating the contractor selection process—interviewing and awarding the project to qualified contractors who align with the project's standards and expectations.


Construction Oversight and Quality Assurance

In this pivotal phase, we see the vision come alive. As part of construction oversight, I ensure hands-on management, from conducting site visits to overseeing the installation of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. I address any challenges directly, ensuring every aspect meets our quality standards.


My role is to ensure a smooth transition from design to reality, monitoring progress and addressing construction deficiencie, guiding the project to a seamless completion.

Our Services

  • Architectural Design
    Our architectural design services are the cornerstone of transforming spaces into inspiring environments. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics, we bring a touch of innovation to every project we undertake. We believe that architecture is more than just structures – it's about creating functional works of art that resonate with your lifestyle and values. Our collaborative approach ensures that your vision is at the forefront of the design process. We work closely with you to understand your needs, dreams, and aspirations, translating them into thoughtfully designed spaces. From the flow of natural light to the selection of materials, each element is carefully chosen to harmonize aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's a cozy home or a dynamic workspace, our architectural designs enhance the way you experience and interact with your environment. Let's embark on a journey to redefine your spaces. Discover how our architectural expertise can shape places that not only stand out but also feel just right.
  • Home Additions/Renovations
    At Shoshi Designs, we understand that your home is more than just a place – it's an extension of your identity and a haven of comfort. Our home additions and renovations service is dedicated to enhancing your living spaces, seamlessly blending innovation and functionality. Whether you're yearning for extra room to grow or seeking to infuse new life into cherished spaces, our team of experts is here to turn your vision into reality. We take pride in crafting designs that honor the existing character of your home while infusing modern sensibilities. Our approach is rooted in collaboration. We work closely with you to grasp the essence of your aspirations, ensuring that every detail aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. From revitalizing kitchens to expanding cozy corners, our additions and renovations breathe fresh life into familiar surroundings. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and an eye for detail, we meticulously orchestrate each project, combining aesthetics with practicality. Our goal is to create spaces that not only captivate the eye but also enrich the way you interact with your home on a daily basis. Join us in the journey of transforming houses into dream homes. Experience the seamless fusion of design expertise and personal touch, all aimed at making your living spaces truly exceptional.
  • New Construction
    Step into a world where visions take shape and possibilities become reality. With our new construction services, we're dedicated to bringing your dream spaces to life, one foundation at a time. Collaborative and committed to excellence, we create structures that embody innovation, functionality, and your unique aspirations. From concept to completion, we're your partners in the journey. Guided by your vision, we design and build with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every element aligns seamlessly. Our expertise spans across residential and commercial projects, where spaces are not just constructed, but carefully curated to resonate with purpose. Experience the thrill of watching your ideas evolve into architectural marvels. Join us in crafting new beginnings and making lasting impressions with spaces that inspire and endure.
  • Furniture Design
    Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our furniture design services. Our custom-crafted pieces are tailored to fit seamlessly into your space and lifestyle. Working closely with you, we create furniture that's as practical as it is beautiful. Each piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. From classic designs to modern concepts, we craft furniture that adds both elegance and utility to your space. Experience the difference of furniture designed just for you. Elevate your interiors with pieces that combine personal style and everyday practicality.
  • Cabinetry Design
    Experience the perfect fusion of organization and style with our cabinetry design expertise. Our tailored solutions bring functionality to the forefront, enhancing your space while maintaining a clean and captivating aesthetic. From kitchens to living areas, our custom cabinetry is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. We collaborate closely with you to understand your storage needs and design preferences, crafting solutions that optimize space and elevate visual appeal. Explore the world of organized elegance with our cabinetry designs. Transform your spaces with solutions that make a statement in both efficiency and design.
  • Purchasing & Project Management
    Navigating the world of interior design projects becomes effortless with our purchasing and project management expertise. We're your partners in making every step seamless – from sourcing the finest materials to orchestrating smooth project execution. Our meticulous approach ensures a hassle-free experience. We handle procurement, coordination, and communication, allowing you to focus on enjoying the transformation of your space. With a keen eye on timelines and quality, we ensure your project reaches its full potential. Experience the power of stress-free project realization with us. Elevate your interior design journey through efficient purchasing and expert project management.
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