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Drawing on her extensive global explorations, Shoshi Designs masterfully blends personal aspirations with innovative design, turning potential into living spaces that embody both beauty and practicality. Here, we believe in the power of design to inspire and transform, just as our homes inspire and transform us.

Each creation mirrors the unique narrative of its owner, while also embracing the distinctive character of the home. Step into a realm where aesthetics and utility converge, meticulously shaped for those who value a dynamic fusion of engaging design and effortless functionality, in spaces that not only reflect but also enrich our lives.

Queen Anne Charm: A Contemporary Renaissance


In the heart of Seattle, we've crafted a home that's a refined reflection of its owner—where the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest meets personal flair. With rust and teal tones, we capture the outdoor spirit, blending it with sophisticated and playful touches. Feminine elegance and vibrant energy fuse in this inviting space, creating a luxurious yet welcoming haven for those who cherish nature's palette alongside the subtleties of comfort.

"Shoshi possesses an innate ability to infuse life and vibrancy into any space she touches. Whether it's a lackluster office environment, a mundane residential interior, or even an uninspiring event venue, Shoshi's creativity knows no bounds. She has a true gift for seeing the potential in every setting and finding innovative ways to elevate it beyond expectations." — Revive Project Pros


"Another unique thing about Shoshi is she interviewed us about how we work in the kitchen to design around our workflow. No one else did that. Our entire kitchen design is based around how I tend to hold court and entertain our guests in the kitchen at the same time as food prepping, while my spouse wants to be able to cook at the range, with his back to our guests, and focus. With Shoshi’s design, the kitchen island is my domain and workspace, while he gets an entire wall with the range, a second small sink, and plenty of his own countertop." — David Frank


"With Shoshi’s eye for possibilities we ended up removing walls and going to an open floor plan that has made the house so much brighter and inviting. Every step of the way Shoshi was able to answer any questions I had as well as provide computer sketches of how things would look. Throughout working with Shoshi I felt like I got exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. I was just amazed how things I didn’t think would match all look perfect together!" — Laura Lucio

home-design (6).jpg

Our approach is grounded in a functional and playful aesthetic, creating spaces that are both stylish and soulful.


Through close collaboration, we delve into your desires and lifestyle, crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but also perfectly aligned with your essence. It's about more than just aesthetics—it's about creating a home that feels uniquely yours in every sense.


Designing Transformative

Shoshi’s Designs reveal the reciprocal power of inspiration between us and our spaces.

We hold a deep belief that our living environments are not just spaces we inhabit, but active participants in our life's journey.


Our philosophy intertwines your unique story with our design, creating spaces that resonate deeply with who you are.


We blend sophistication with playful and functional elements, ensuring each space remains connected to the essence of true living. 

We're here to guide and inspire, to reveal the full potential of your space, transforming houses into havens of comfort, elegance, and self-expression. 

At Shoshi Designs, designing your space is a journey of discovery and inspiration, a chance to transform your living environment into a reflection of your life's story.


Welcome to Shoshi Designs – where we believe in the power of design to inspire and transform, just as our homes inspire and transform us. 

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