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Crafting Personal Narratives into Living Spaces

Explore how Shoshi, renowned for blending functionality, playfulness, and global influences, personalizes the future of interior design, centering each project around the client's unique story.

Shoshi, the visionary behind Shoshi Designs, stands at the forefront of contemporary modern interior design, celebrated for her unique ability to weave personal narratives into each space she transforms.


Her work, characterized by a seamless blend of elegance, functionality, and a playful touch of global influences, has garnered recognition across the design community, most notably being featured in Luxe Interiors Magazine as a "Next in Design" designer. 

Driven by a passion for creating deeply personal and meaningful environments, Shoshi's approach is rooted in a collaborative design process that places the client's vision at its heart.


Her international travels have not only expanded her design perspective but also allowed her to forge connections with artisans around the world, bringing a rich diversity of craftsmanship and materials into her projects. This extensive network enables her to serve an international clientele, providing bespoke design solutions that cater to a global audience.

Shoshi’s dedication to blending architectural creativity with her keen sense of personal style sets her apart in the field. Her work transcends mere aesthetics, aiming to reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of each client.


This commitment to personalization is coupled with a strong foundation in trust and connection, principles she considers essential for successful design. 

In addition to her design talents, Shoshi is an advocate for education within the design community. She values the opportunity to share her knowledge on the origins, quality, and design principles of the products she selects, striving to empower her clients through their design journey. 

Shoshi's belief that design is an adventure transforming both spaces and lives underscores her impact on the industry. Her ability to translate her clients’ essence into the language of interior design, enhanced by her architectural insights and international flair, has made Shoshi a distinguished name in the world of interior design. 

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 12.38_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 12.38_edited.jpg

At Shoshi Designs, we celebrate the evolving story of personal and spatial transformation, crafting designs that extend beyond mere destinations to become ongoing tales of growth and change.

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