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The Fusion Edition

A dynamic female executive needed her home to blend playful aesthetics with strong indoor-outdoor connections. We transformed her Queen Anne-style house, dedicating each floor to different aspects of her lifestyle: a basement gym and media area, a gourmet kitchen and dining space on the ground floor, a sophisticated home office and guest rooms on the first floor, and a luxurious primary suite with stunning views on the upper floor. Thoughtful material selection and strategic layout planning ensured a private, cohesive, and inviting environment.

Client Overview

This dynamic female executive primarily works from home and travels frequently. Homeowner loves to cook and craft, entertains frequently, and uses her home as a place to relax and unwind. 

Lifestyle & Needs

She seeks a seamless blend of playful and welcoming aesthetics with a strong emphasis on indoor-outdoor connection.

Architectural Style

The distinctive Queen Anne features, such as front-facing gables and picturesque views, mix with contemporary architecture and an open floor plan.

Design Challenges

  • Shared walls with neighbors reduce privacy.

  • Limited outdoor areas with which to work.

  • The uniform and basic design style constrains options.


  • Dedicated Lifestyle Spaces: Each floor of the house now celebrates a different aspect of the client's vibrant lifestyle.

  • Basement: By dividing the spacious room, it was transformed into a perfect haven for both relaxation and fitness, featuring a home gym and a media area with a sleek bar.

  • Ground Floor: With a gourmet kitchen and a one-of-a-kind dining table, this space encourages the sharing of ideas as well as food, making it a lively hub focused on her passion for cooking and entertaining.

  • First Floor: Her sophisticated home office features custom design pieces that enhance the connection to the Pacific Northwest. Two guest rooms ensure any visitors have a welcoming space.

  • Upper Floor: The luxurious primary suite, with sweeping views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, is now an unparalleled retreat with resort-like tranquility.

  • Strategic Layout: The carefully planned layout is setup facing away from any shared walls. The chosen colors and materials connect with the outdoors to create a more spacious, unified feeling.

  • Thoughtful Material Selection: The use of local colors and materials fulfills the client’s desire to feel rooted in her home, while playful art selections and whimsical patterns reflect her worldly adventures and fun character.

Client Testimonial

“A year later, we are still happy and excited about every corner in this house. The colors and patterns are interesting enough without being overwhelming, and the flow and function works perfect with our lifestyle.”

Changed to homeowner- starting a sentence a sentence with “she” seems disrespectful

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