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The Minimalist Edition

A discerning couple wanted to transform their builder-grade waterfront condo into a minimalist, sophisticated sanctuary. We elevated finishes, used existing utilities to minimize waste, and harmonized the minimalist design with the waterfront surroundings. A curated neutral palette, clean lines, and custom storage enhanced elegance and tranquility. The result is a polished, inviting home that complements the stunning West Seattle waterfront views, offering a refined, tranquil escape from the city.

Client Overview

This discerning couple with a love for minimalist aesthetics is looking to transform their builder-grade waterfront condo into a refined sanctuary of simplicity and sophistication. 

Lifestyle & Needs

They envisioned a minimalist-but-welcoming space that harmonizes with the waterfront surroundings and offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. 

Architectural Style

A modern, open floor plan with expansive windows framing breathtaking views of the West Seattle waterfront.

Design Challenges

  • Builder-grade finishes need to be elevated to a higher standard of minimalist refinement, but using the existing electrical and plumbing to minimize waste.

  • Harmonize minimalism with waterfront surroundings by creating a dialogue between the inherent allure of the waterfront and the nuances of minimalist aesthetics.

  • Balancing simplicity and sophistication to ensure the space remains inviting yet elegant.


  • Curated Neutral Palettes & Clean Lines: A curated neutral palette and clean lines provided the foundation for minimalist elegance, enhancing the condo's visual appeal while maintaining a sense of tranquility.

  • Dialogue Between Waterfront and Minimalism: We created a dialogue between the inherent beauty of the waterfront surroundings and minimalist aesthetics.

  • Custom Storage Solutions: Custom storage solutions maximized space and reduced visual clutter, ensuring the minimalist aesthetic remained intact.

  • Sustainability: To reduce demolition costs and create opportunities for reuse, we donated the previous cabinetry and fixtures to architectural salvage.

Impact and Results

The clients are happy with their home's transformation from a basic builder-grade condo to a polished place that complements the stunning views of the Seattle waterfront. This change has made their everyday living space simple yet sophisticated and more personal — now it is truly a home.

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