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The Relocation Edition

A family relocating across the Atlantic sought to modernize a 1970s split-level home with European style. We opened up the tight, compartmentalized spaces, incorporating a load-bearing column into a striking kitchen island. New flooring and sleek, modern materials bridged European aesthetics with the home's original architecture. Larger windows and layout adjustments enhanced indoor-outdoor connectivity. Durable, stylish elements ensured practicality for the young family. The result is a contemporary, inviting space that blends modern European design with family-friendly functionality.

Client Overview

A family who recently relocated across the Atlantic sought to infuse a 1970s split-level home with modern European style and playful geometric shapes, integrating those elements into the original architectural style, unchanged since its construction. 

Lifestyle and Needs

The family wanted a home that a space that combines style, function, and a connection to the lush outdoors, while reflecting their roots and accommodating the practical needs of a young, active family. 

Architectural Style

The existing home is a typical 1970s split-level, characterized by its multi-level layout and distinct separation of living spaces. It has not been updated since its original construction. 

Design Challenges

  • Updating a ‘70s split-level design means modernizing and opening up the tight, compartmentalized spaces.

  • A load-bearing column inconveniently sits in the middle of the kitchen, disrupting flow and space utility.

  • Blending cultural styles requires merging modern European design with the existing architecture while ensuring the home remains functional and playful for family life.


  • Open Floor Plan with Structural Integration: Removing walls created a more open floor plan, enhancing the flow between living spaces. The load-bearing column was incorporated into the design of a new kitchen island, a striking charcoal concrete accent that serves as a strong visual and functional element.

  • Floor Replacement and Modern Accents: New flooring throughout the entire home updated the look and feel, bridging modern European aesthetics with the home’s ‘70s architecture. Sleek, modern materials and finishes, along with geometric and playful shapes, reflect the family's character.

  • Maximizing Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity: Larger windows and some adjustments to the layout of the house enhanced the connection to the outdoors, making the garden an integral part of the living space. The functional outdoor living areas created through these changes reflect the home’s new modern European influence.

  • Kid-Friendly Stylish Design Elements: Durable materials suitable for a family with young children ensure that spaces are both stylish and practical. Custom geometric elements in fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry highlight the family’s cultural heritage while adding a modern twist.

Impact & Results

This redesign transformed the dated 1970s split-level home into a contemporary space that elegantly combines modern European style with the practicalities of family living. The integration of the load-bearing column into the kitchen island and strategic use of bold, modern accents successfully modernize the space, creating a unique and inviting environment in which the family can thrive.

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