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The Zen and Sari Edition

A busy professional couple with four children needed a home that balances elegance and comfort. We redesigned their outdated space with strategic material repetition, custom furniture, and a harmonious blend of contemporary and classic elements. The new design highlights expansive views of Lake Washington and integrates smart home features. Durable, luxurious fabrics and whimsical patterns ensure the home is both formal and child-friendly, creating a lively, light-filled space perfect for their diverse lifestyle needs.

Client Overview

A busy surgeon and non-profit professional couple from diverse cultural backgrounds with four children. The couple seeks a home formal enough to host elegant dinners and events but still safe and comfortable for the kids to run around and express their creativity. 

Lifestyle & Needs

It needs feel cozy and intimate, balance sophistication and functionality, and work for hosting both short- and long-term guests of various backgrounds. 

Architectural Style

The open floor plan shows off expansive windows with sweeping views of Lake Washington, the Seattle skyline, and the Olympic Mountains from all three floors.

Design Challenges

  • Outdated finishes and a disjointed layout felt heavy, not lively.

  • Integrating smart home solutions that simplify home management while ensuring seamless operation and user-friendly interfaces for their busy lifestyle.

  • Designing versatile, entertainment-friendly spaces that cater to both intimate gatherings and larger social events, while maintaining a cohesive and stylish aesthetic

  • Dual focus points required in the open space, with the need to separate the television from the fireplace while accommodating two windows and blending the couple's distinct style preferences into harmonious flow.

  • Creating a formal space that is also comfortable and inviting for the children to play.


  • Color, Materials, and Pattern Repetition: Strategic material repetition established an intuitive flow between the home's asymmetrical focal points. Modular wood slats, reminiscent of ceiling beams, defined the living space's custom library while connecting it to the fireplace and TV area with a cohesive color palette. Crisp white subway tiles mirrored by the shelving layout unified the scheme.

  • Redesigned Stairs and Railings: By redesigning the staircase and railings for maximum movement and flow between floors, we created an elegant transition that emphasized the open floor plan.

  • Custom Furniture and Display Options: Custom-designed furniture strategically provides innovative display options for the couple’s art and collectibles, cleverly highlighted in unexpected places. One unique example of this transformation is the twins' old crib, which we had made into a desk for them, blending playful creativity with functional design.

  • Blending Diverse Styles: By incorporating a harmonious color palette and mixing contemporary and classic elements, we successfully blended the couple's diverse style preferences into a unified aesthetic.

  • Formal and Comfortable: We use luxurious but durable fabrics for the furniture, to withstand the kids' activity while maintaining an elegant look. Whimsical patterns and bold art make the space welcoming for children and keep the formal vibe intact.

Client Testimonial

"We are absolutely delighted with the transformation of our home. What was once a heavy and cumbersome space is now bursting with life, light, and purpose. The custom elements and intuitive layouts have made a world of difference, seamlessly accommodating our needs for work, leisure, and entertaining.”

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